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  1. I am of a differing opinion on this. I think the Senate should move ahead with hearings. Albeit slowly. Look the risk here is what happens if the Dems win the election. Garland’s nomination might not stand in that case and you’ll end up with a much younger far more liberal appointee. If the hearings get underway, say by late summer, early fall, the Senate could be in a position to quickly vote on the nominee during the lame duck session. Plus in the fall the Reps would have a chance to grill the nominee on all sorts of positions and at least gain a sense of where he stands. Of course there is a risk that should the Dems win, Obama might withdraw his nominee at the eleventh hour. But if by that time the Senate is poised to vote, it would be bad optics and a blatant political ploy, plus why would Obama give up a last opportunity to leave a legacy imprimatur? I don’t think so.

    To me this is just sharp politics. And if the Reps win the election, they can simply vote him down. And remember; Justice Roberts. There are no guarantees. A post Democrat election win could prove Garland to be a Roberts in reverse. At least hearings would give the Reps a better idea of the known unknown vs the unknown unknown and a lest Faustian choice.

    1. “Obama might withdraw his nominee at the eleventh hour.”

      But he said he wouldn’t and Obama is pretty much the most trustworthy person ever invented.

  2. I don’t understand this issue anyhow. What exactly is the problem with voting a nominee down? Why does McConnell refuse to look at the nominee at all? Is it hard to vote him down – what’s the difference?

    1. Timing matters. The Reps don’t need to rush this and should not. Consider this, it could be McConnell’s stance as the head of the ‘Party Of No’ is just a posture to delay the hearing until a more favorable time. There is plenty of time for a ‘pivot’ to ‘accommodate’ the ‘concerns of the country’…. Holding hearings now would put undue pressure on for an early vote which would only lead to another campaign issue in the general. There is no need for an early vote.

      1. I’m all for procedural delay, the same thing Obama has done throughout his terms to avoid accountability. If the clock ran out on his nomination, it would be like the clock running out on holding Obama and his administration accountable for scandals at the IRS, EPA, DOJ, VA, and ICE. Not to mention how Hillary’s accountability will be from voters long before courts, if the courts even get a say in it.

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