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  1. I saw pictures of people lined up for blocks to donate blood. My thought was “We don’t need to be donating blood, we need to be donating Glocks.”

    Perhaps you could start a “Glocks for Gays” campaign.

      1. BTW, the ten commandments does not say, “Thou shall not kill” the correct translation is “Do not murder.”

  2. Coming from a deep blue state, and watching deep-blue-state abuses, I keep wondering why deep red states don’t do things like putting “Firearms Familiarity, Safety, and Accuracy” inside the core high school curricula.

    Or funding inner city Houston firing range training with prizes that would cause strokes in Seattlites.

    1. Al, we have plenty of fire ranges inside Houston’s city limits. The difference is they are individually owned. They are that way because there are plenty of fire ranges inside Houston’s city limits.

      1. I was pretty sure that was the case, but I’m alluding to doing things like subsidizing training classes and handing out decent weapons to ‘best trainee/new shooter of the month’. And then circulating the fliers via inner-city book clubs, lamaze classes, and nail salons.

        “The first hit is free” works, even though I do certainly realize TANSTAFFL.

        1. I’m reading this while listening to a radio ad explaining how to get legal assistance if you defend yourself with a firearm. In Houston, firing ranges advertise heavily.

          I agree with your overall concept, Al. But the TANSTAFFL is a concern. The Dept. of Ed was used to gain control over education, and now we have Title IX that is being used to punish men simply accused of sexual assault and also being used to force universities to allow men in women restroom. Rather than using that same strategy, I rather eliminate government manipulation such as this.

    2. why deep red states don’t…

      Liability? Some moron is sure to put a full-auto weapon in the hands of a five y.o. and get themselves killed. You’ve seen the youtube.

        1. Rand asked “Why is it so important to you to support the Leftist narrative?”

          Thank you for asking! But I’m suggesting armor because the following passage, which I’m sure many here will recognize, made a very big impression on me at a young age:

          “You’ve got more bullets and more guns in the back of the vehicle. Arm yourself.” Louis turned away. He sliced his beam down the dead tree in zigzag fashion. A dozen logs fell burning. Louis strolled over and kicked the logs into a tighter pile around the stump. He played the laser into their midst and watched the fire catch.

          Something thumped him between the shoulder blades. For an instant the impact suit went stiff. He heard a single crack of thunder.

          Louis waited for a bit, but the second shot didn’t come. He turned and walked back to the vehicle and Vala. He said to her, “Don’t you ever, ever, ever do that again.”

          She looked pale and frightened. “No. I won’t.”

          “Shall I help you carry your cooking things?”

          “No, I can … Did I miss you?”


          “Then how?”

          “One of my tools saved me. I brought it a thousand times the distance light travels in a falan, and it’s mine.”

          She made a kind of arm-flapping gesture and turned away.

          1. The purpose of body armor is to provide you with time to employ your weapon against the threat.

            A shield is useless unless it is backed by a sword.

        2. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that it’s because the only narrative Sidetrack Bob knows. And it helps him avoid actual thinking, which is sooooooo hard.

      1. My thought process, I admit, was kind of ignorant and un-PC: I was thinking there are gay bars in which people dress in leather vests, so if that’s already the kind of thing they want to wear, it wouldn’t be all that big a leap, in terms of fashion, to wear bullet-proof vests.

        But more seriously, here is the why of it: if you were in a bar with drunk young stupid people, would you rather that everyone was armed, or that everyone was armored?

        As for convenience, I cited the MIT research in order to suggest that armor could perhaps become more convenient.

        1. I’m not sure know this, but the feds have tried to ban private sales of body armor even more strenuously than they have sales of guns. It has been going on for two decades, and the only real conclusion one can draw is that it is to deprive citizens of even a passive defense.

          I think that gays, blacks, Jews, and other targeted minorities (regardless of who targets them, for Christ’s sake) need to arm themselves. The sworn upholders of the law won’t defend them, even if they could get there in time (which they never can). People need to be able to defend themselves. When the first reaction to something like Orlando is to disarm law abiding citizens, it’s a sure sign that the government sees how effective the terror of being defenseless is, and wishes to extend it to everyone. Then the government has complete control.

          This is why the Second Amendment was written. Anyone who wishes to challenge that should first read James Madison (who wrote the fucking thing), then spout off with their opinions.

        2. I don’t think the ass-less chaps chappies would be very likely to go for body armor. Just a hunch.

          More importantly, there is no body armor, except for the heaviest military types that use ceramic plates, that will stop an AR-15 round at close range. Pure defense is no answer to the strolling jihadi problem. Prompt and effective counterfire is the only thing that will take these bozos down.

          The simplest solution is for all U.S. states and territories to be made “shall issue” jurisdictions for concealed carry permits and for all free-fire zone – oops, I meant “gun-free zone” – restrictions to be done away with. Then, an offense known as CCUI should be put on the books, exactly analogous to DUI. When one is arrested for DUI, one’s drivers license is typically suspended. The same can happen to an offender’s CCP when arrested for CCUI. No law enforcement exemptions.

        3. Not everyone in that bar was gay … what a heterophobe you are.

          Such unwarranted assumptions you make

          1. I read yesterday that Florida law prohibits concealed carry in establishments that serve alcohol.

            12)(a) A license issued under this section does not authorize any person to openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon or firearm into:

            12. Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose;

            I wonder if that only applies to bars or if it also applies to restaurants that serve alcohol. Anyway, those bar patrons were prohibited from open or concealed carry.

            Based on what’s coming out of the ACLU and other leftist organizations, when a (reportedly) gay Muslim Democrat goes into a bar and kills 49 people (wounding 52 others), it’s the Republicans’ fault. Somehow.

          2. Based on what’s coming out of the ACLU and other leftist organizations,

            OMG, Obama’s speech today was horrible. He was cold and detached talking about the event but, animated with anger when he got to the real problem, Republicans.

            That guy has some balls for saying the problem is partisanship and then launching into a partisan 20 minute lecture about how the true evil in the world isn’t Islamic terror, but Trump and Republicans.

          3. Continuing Al’s idea, what we need to do is have survivors sue the State of Florida for denying them their rights and making it easier for them to be killed. We can also recommend survivors suing the night club for not protecting them.

        4. if you were in a bar with drunk young stupid people, would you rather that everyone was armed, or that everyone was armored?

          I’d leave. That’s a stupid question.

          If you asked which I’d rather be, you’d be on point.

          There’s a reason armed people are generally polite. Belligerence earns you a Darwin award. It’s the natural order. Protecting the stupid just breeds more stupid (note: I’m not talking about children that do need protection until mature.)

    1. That research looks great if you’re being attacked by yeast armed with microscopic rifles in the micron caliber range.

    2. Bob,
      Armor does not stop the aggressor. It only makes it easer to withstand assault, but that is all. To win you must stop the aggression.

      We beat the soviet union by going on the offensive (I hear the pitter-patter of Jim’s feet running over to correct me on this.)

  3. I’ve been encouraging self-defense and firearms training (and then ownership) for gays and women since I was in high school. I’ve trained (informally) and encouraged many of both.

  4. Self defense is a basic human right….despite what the leftists, progressives, tranzis, communists and media (sorry, repeating myself) think. In the United States, the Constitution allows us to defend ourselves with firearms….despite what some think.

    To this end, I propose three things. Not just for gays, not just for straights, not just for men, not just for women, not for those rationally concerned with islamic terrorism…

    EVERYONE should learn to handle firearms safely….Those that wish to assume the responsibility should be able to carry them for their personal defense and the defense of others – wherever they go. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    Choosing to be part of the defense of society is not for everyone, the aforementioned groups are pusillanimous in character and would not choose to assume charge of their own lives. Even the cowards, will at least be safer around firearms.

    EVERYONE should learn unarmed, combative martial arts – not some stylized kungfu or judo nonsense, serious “stop the bad guy” stuff – I prefer Krav Maga, another would be SAMBO…this is not the stuff of the Summer Olympics, it’s stop assholes before they hurt you.

    EVERYONE should learn serious combat first aid – not the Red Cross ‘the ambulance is 5 minutes away so don’t make it worse’ stuff, the techniques that will prevent bleeding to death while the so-called SWAT team finishes their donuts and coffee, and finally decides to intervene – three hours later, as happened in Orlando.

    These three steps will save innumerable lives….

    1. In this type of warfare, we are all first responders. I don’t know why we don’t have a national program to encourage people to learn these skills.

      1. “I don’t know why we don’t have a national program to encourage people to learn these skills.”

        A rhetorical question I’m sure because I’m sure you know why:

        We live in a fantasy land. The US has been so safe for so long that people think it’s the natural order of things.

        They also think that humans have evolved out of their natures.

        Both of these assumptions are fatally wrong

        So nasty icky violence is considered to be the oddball event instead of the norm.

        From there you get guns are icky.

        From there you get millions dead.

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