6 thoughts on “Whole Foods”

  1. I have to disagree a bit. Their sale prices on meat are quite reasonable, and it’s the only place to find pork belly.

    1. Yeah, and freshly roasted coffee does make a huge difference in overall flavor. Whole Foods are one of the few places that actually posts the date in which the coffee was roasted on the storage bin. But for me going to a Whole Foods is a special trip since they are few and far between. So, I only run in a grab just some coffee when I’m in the area of one.

  2. In addition, the company kept dirty dishes near food, did not supply hot water at some hand-washing sinks

    Oh no!

    Some of the other food handling examples were a slight little bit alarming, though.

    WF is taking advantage of the organic fad but are they responsible for fraud? They aren’t responsible for the organic fad itself. Maybe bring environmentalists up on RICO.

    1. Stephen, don’t be a nerd. In the context of food, “organic” means “of or relating to a bodily organ or organs”.

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