4 thoughts on “Skywalker On Trial”

  1. Yes, everyone loves taking the Empire’s side from time to time. But the premise is ridiculous. The Rebels had to leave bases all the time. Guerillas take lots of casualties–revolution’s a risky business.

    And in the end, Skywalker and the others took down a bunch of AT-ATs, and gave the ground defenses enough time to cripple, possibly even destroy, at least one Star Destroyer, which probably outweighed the entire Rebel contingent on Hoth, man and machine, several times over.

  2. No, attrition was never going to win it for the rebels. The Empire could lose a star destroyer for each rebel combatant, and still not notice the loss.

    Skywalker was a rather poor commander – he just had enough magic to make the others promote him…

    1. They won by a decapitation attack. That was the problem with the Empire. All the power was centered on the Emperor.

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