12 thoughts on “The Libertarian And Green Party”

  1. From the article: “Sure, there’s little to no chance that either Stein or Johnson will win (or even carry a single state) …”.

    I wouldn’t rule out Gov. Johnson carrying a state, though Evan McMullin, an LDS, may well spoil Johnson’s chance in Utah if he carries though and gets on the ballot by next week’s deadline.

    I had thought there was a chance for a close election with Johnson picking up the 6 Utah delegates and thus denying either Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton a 270 Electoral College majority, throwing the election to the house. That’s now looking increasingly remote, less from Johnson’s slim chance of winning a state than from Clinton’s probable landslide.

    But just suppose it is close enough come election day (perhaps due to an October Clinton bombshell) that this does happen. Then how do you folks here think the House would vote among Clinton, Johnson, Trump? Per the 12A, the vote is taken by the states, and the current balance is something like 33 House delegations dominated by the Republicans to 17 by the Democrats, though that will likely shift a bit toward Dems, and it is the incoming congress which will have the say.

    I can’t imagine any Democratic delegation going over to Trump. With Clinton have no chance, I’d expect them to be willing to compromise in favor of Johnson — even with Johnson supporting term limits and thus going after the jobs of career politicians. But would enough Republicans sway their states over to Johnson in support of a fiscal conservative who seriously wants to reign in the size of government and balance the budget, or would they hold true with their party’s candidate?

  2. Talk about la la land. We are 3 months out and people are still trying to promote losers???

    You deserve whatever you get.

  3. “Our third parties are fielding credible candidates”

    What exactly is credible about Jill Stein?

    1. Isn’t she just a more likeable and honest version of Hillary?

      I would be in favor of 3rd party candidates being in the debates, if it was fair and both Green and Libertarian candidates were invited. What are the chances of the corrupt Democrats led by Crooked Hillary wanting a fair debate?

  4. ken anthony> We are 3 months out and people are still trying to promote losers???

    That’s not really fair. Election forecasts may be predicting Clinton over Trump by 7:1 odds, but a lot could happen in the next three months. You shouldn’t be calling him a loser yet.

    > You deserve whatever you get.

    Or what we got?

    1. “Election forecasts may be predicting Clinton over Trump by 7:1 odds”

      If that was true, the anti-Trump screeching from the left wouldn’t have reached such insane levels.

      They clearly don’t seem to believe the stories in the dinosaur media.

    2. Trump is not going to lose unless election fraud causes it.

      Like it or not, DT has awakened the sleeping American giant. They’ve learned how the fraud works and have never been more prepared for it. If Hillary wins I doubt this country will ever again have a legitimate election.

    1. How do we assign who gets what number? When people say two party system, do they mean that one of them is number one? Is 3rd party a reference to a particular party or just a party other than the main two?

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