19 thoughts on “Vote McMullin”

    1. He will endorse before the election. There are strategic reasons for not doing so at the present time.

  1. Well let’s not rule out the king of Aquistan, love child of Elvis and therefore a native American. First Puerto Rico and Costa Rica give birth to our 51st state they call Ricky Ricardo (because after all, he was the real talent) with two electoral votes bringing the total required to 271. Then we get invaded by spaghetti monsters from Andromeda because their galaxy wasn’t big enough with all its meatballs…

      1. All that article said is Hillary is a true believer in her evil ways which makes her even more dangerous.

  2. No, it couldn’t happen. Romney is not on the ballot. The electors would have no choice but to choose from the top three vote getters – Trump, Hillary, and McMullin if he wins Utah. Romney is not even an option for the electoral college.

    1. I think the idea is that McMullin’s electors vote for Romney instead (with McMullin’s blessing), which makes Romney the 3rd place electoral vote getter, which makes him eligible to be voted President by the House.

      The biggest problem with this plan is that Clinton is going to win 270+ electoral votes. But if the election did go to the House, Romney would have a better shot than McMullin at getting the votes of 26 House delegations.

    2. The electors would have no choice but to choose from the top three vote getters …

      I think you have “electoral college” confused with “House of Representatives”. The rule you’re quoting applies to the House, if nobody gets a majority in the electoral college.

  3. Did you know the CIA evented Egg McMuffin. First the CIA gave us LBJ, then Bush the Elder and Obama, and now they want to serve you a McMuffin. No thanks.

    1. No, not McMuffin, McMullin. Not and egg-cheese-and-meat slice sandwich but this shoulder-length men’s haircut that used to be popular among the “working class.”

      Gee, try and keep up!

        1. I used the word McGuffin in a faculty meeting to characterize a plan requiring a PhD candidate to study and present a scholarly paper as a jumping off point for examining faculty members to ask deeper questions.

          I had to explain that McGuffin was a term attributed to Alfred Hitchcock as the object, device, or entity — it could be anything — that propels a movie plot. The exit papers in Casablanca and the jeweled falcon artifact in the Maltese Falcon are examples. In the Maltese Falcon, movie was not about the precious object from the Knights Templar of Malta but rather about Humphrey Bogart’s character matching wits with that of Sidney Greenstreet — the Maltese falcon was merely a McGuffin, and artifact to provide context the relationship between two characters.

          My colleagues were even more puzzled after offering that definition. Oh well, so much for cultural analogies in a university setting.

  4. Too bad these sore losers didn’t campaign harder during the primary. Or is McMuffin really a sore loser? Maybe he will land at the Clinton Foundation.

  5. You know, McMullin may just give me a person I could vote for and not have to take a long shower afterwards…..

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