14 thoughts on “200 Losers Getting Together”

  1. Stupid. Stop giving these idiots free publicity. The amount the media has emboldened and glamorized racists this election – on both sides – is unconscionable.

  2. This is surprising only if you don’t understand the media model. There are 300 million stories in the “big country” and by use of the appropriate filter you can support any narrative. Of course, the less mainstream the narrative the smaller the sample, but you can still get 15 minutes of hate out of even the smallest events. The Mathew Shepard murder, which was a drug deal gone bad, had nothing to do with him being gay but was used to underwrite the gay agenda in the media and pro gay organizations for years. The right media has been picking up on this lately and single murders by illegal aliens are now showing up with regularity.

    1. Do they really? I’ll bet the Communist party of the USA has gatherings much larger than this and I don’t them:

      1) covering them and

      2) Connecting the Democrats to them.

      In fact they totally buried Bernie’s socialism.

      1. They cover them, they just call it something else like Occupy Wall Street or a peaceful protest in Oakland. For example, the 2nd string QB making a fuss about the National Anthem then goes and wears his favorite Fidel Castro t-shirt to Miami.

        1. Yes that’s right I forgot…

          When the lefty crazies gather it’s called “Speaking Truth to Power”

          When 200 right wing nut jobs gather it’s called a Trump-arranged Nazi Bund meeting.

  3. Why should we pay attention to the lame stream media?I’d love it if the Trumperor froze them out entirely and addressed the public directly.

    1. I don’t think he’ll freeze them out. But I do think he’s going to take his case directly tot he people and not rely on the MSM to get the straight message out.

      1. Why not? The White House Press Room is as anachronistic for sending information to the masses as the US Postal Service. I’m not exactly for freezing out the media, but this is the same media that said virtually nothing when Obama froze them out from taking photos of him.

        1. Yup, using youtube and other forms of media is just following the precedent that Obama set.

          The difference is that the major news media was also working in coordination with Obama and the DNC to prop up Obama but will now be working in coordination with Obama and the DNC to tear down Trump.

  4. So this is interesting, and I must admit a “first they came for X and I didn’t care…” situation. I heard Twitter and others banned Alt-Right feeds, but I didn’t care, because I neither use Twitter or heard of the Alt-Right before a week ago. It seemed like more branding and labeling from the no-labels type crowd.

    But now there is this: “Twitter Grants Verification to Muslim Brotherhood”

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a bit more than 200 losers, and they’ve been banned by Muslim countries as a terrorist group. Yet Twitter welcomes them and bans the Alt-Right.

    Any wonder why Twitter’s stock is floundering?

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