Cuomo’s Top Aides

…are indicted on sweeping corruption charges. But as is pointed out, unlike Chris Christie, Cuomo is a Democrat, so it’s just a “local news story.”

And I agree that that Bharara is a bulldog, and very likely to eventually get to Her Highness herself, regardless of what Trump wants, or what Sessions wants (I can’t imagine the latter calling him off at this point). He is doing the job that Comey refused to do. I don’t really care whether or not she ends up wearing orange (though I know a lot of people who’ve handled classified information who think she should), but her crimes should be put on the public record, just as Nixon’s were, before there should be any consideration of a pardon.

3 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Top Aides”

  1. Ask the commentariat over at Reason what they think of Bharara after he tried investigating some of them over garden-variety ill-tempered comments about the One. A government thug is a government thug even whe he’s doing the right thing for a change.

  2. U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. After a party change, the turnover is usually close to 100%. Choosing to retain Bharara would send a message.

    At the same time, this district is a real plum of an appointment because of its high visibility and alumni (Rudy Giuliani). The work is done by the AUSA’s and the FBI. A new head would have to work really hard to derail what’s already in the pipeline.

    A more interesting question is who will end up in the district for Chicago. You would think that this would be shooting fish in a barrel.

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