6 thoughts on “No, Weather Is Not Climate”

  1. devastating wildfires in Tasmania amid a prolonged drought;
    and then devastating floods in Tasmania after the drought ended and the island experienced it wettest May to December on record.

    Damn, it doesn’t say if the floods put the fires out. I sure hope so.

    Related, here’s a Hansen-focused laugh-fest at the Guardian.

    “Many of the conservatives know climate change is not a hoax. But those running for president are hamstrung by the fact they think they can’t get the nomination if they say this is an issue. They wouldn’t get money from the fossil fuel industry.”

    Ugh… Yeah, Steyer-Soros-et.al. are pikers compared to evul big oil.

    There is a positive note to end on, however. Global emissions have somewhat stalled and Hansen believes China, the world’s largest emitter, will now step up to provide the leadership lacking from the US. A submerged Fifth Avenue and deadly heatwaves aren’t an inevitability.

    Well thank god for Chinese leadership. Sandbagging 5th avenue? The horror.

    “I think we will get there because China is rational,” Hansen says. “Their leaders are mostly trained in engineering and such things, they don’t deny climate change and they have a huge incentive, which is air pollution. It’s so bad in their cities they need to move to clean energies. They realise it’s not a hoax. But they will need co-operation.”

    Clean energies like cleaner coal and natural gas? James, James, shouldn’t you have used the word “renewables” there?
    What? Oh, yeah you’re right, proven reserves keep going up year after year, rationally trained engineers are noticing, and people are starting to think they’re renewable. Bad optics.

  2. Off topic: Greg Cochran recently ran a kickstarter to compensate himself for reviewing a book he really, really didn’t want to read. The truly epic result is here. Fair warning: consume liquid while reading it over an uncovered keyboard at your own risk.

    1. Which gender is more likely to twist the meaning of words to push their political ambitions? See, now back on topic (and that link was hilarious.)

  3. Citing past examples of weather to show that current weather isn’t out of the ordinary wont work. They will just say, “Thanks for examples of historical effects of Global Warming.”

    1. Sheesh, its already March, 2017 and you are still saying Global Warming? It’s Climate Change!

      1. I shall self administer 50 lashes with a locally sourced non-GMO sustainable harvested switch to appease Mother Nature.

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