Off The Air

We’re taking a break from our home renovation and driving up to Berkeley for the weekend to see old (now in both senses of the word) college roommates (mine). Posting will likely be light to non-existent. Be nice in comments.

[Monday-afternoon update]

OK, we’re back. That was probably the longest I’ve been completely off line for a while (not counting my phone). In answer to questions, the college roommate (and his wife) in question was from Michigan, though he does in fact have an MBA from Berkeley. They have a nice place up in the hills, where we spent the entired day of Saturday, and Sunday morning, hiking, cooking, eating, drinking and talking. It was a very nice break. We drove down to Buellton yesterday afternoon, and back to LA today.

FWIW, he voted for Hillary, she wanted Bernie, but we’re all good friends, and it’s even possible for us to discuss politics without damaging that. It can be done. Of course, it helps that she’s Canadian.


4 thoughts on “Off The Air”

  1. You a Berkeley alum? I can only envision that as an Escher print. Unless you are talking of Patricia… 🙂 &lt– see, nice…

  2. Heard a great line from Penn Gillette in a video over on wish I had heard it before the election!

    I can’t feel your Bern, but you can feel my Johnson (Gary)…

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