4 thoughts on “The Nye Quadrant”

  1. How about the “Nyt” Quadrant? (I propose calling that paper Nyt, to be pronounced “nyet” or the Russian word for no.)


    This dude attempts to anticipate criticism by claiming he doesn’t “deny climate change or the possible severity of its consequences,” but he slides his backside into position over the punchbowl by writing, “Citizens also have a right to be skeptical of an overweening scientism. They know — as all environmentalists should — that history is littered with the human wreckage of scientific errors married to political power.”

    Like the French anthem says, “Entendez-vous dans les campagnes, mugir ces feroces soldats!” or “Listen now in the countryside, for the war cries of fierce soldiers!” The New York Times comments section is echoing with fierce war cries.

  2. Whatever his other qualifications are, Nye was basically just a comedic actor. To take science advice from him would be as stupid as making some hack writer from SNL a member of the US Senate………

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