6 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones”

  1. The video inadvertently explains why I do not want to be a libertarian. But it would be nice to disassociate and then just make fun of everyone else.

  2. For me the bit with the wall is a problem, as the video implies it’s there to keep out the free folk (‘they don’t have kings or pay taxes…. let’s go there!’) when actually it’s there to keep out the hordes of undead white walkers. (A good parallel with today, and why I don’t agree with the open boarders aspect of the libertarian movement.)

    1. As Jon Snow pointed out in the season premiere, the White Walkers are an existential threat justifying a centrally planned, militarized state. To say nothing of the Wall.

      But as Maester Hayek warned, that’s the road to serfdom.

  3. Open boarders? Is that like those Europeans who are taking African refugees into their comes?

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