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  1. Well from what I’ve heard the diarrea started happening when they changed the formula to include things like Sucralose. Back when the formula was public and people bought the components and mixed them together diarrea was a lot less common. The formulation was different. You would probably be better off with that.

    There is also another thing though. It is quite common that people will get intestinal upset with a major diet change like that, especially with a liquid diet, but the symptoms usually subsume with continuation of the diet as the body adjusts to it. Not that I would eat anything with sucralose in it.

    1. Sounds like a galloping Food Allergy…30 minutes onset !?!
      09:27 First sip (bottle 1)
      10:01 Finish Bottle
      10:01 Run to bathroom…
      The lady has some sort of Food Allergy to one (or more) of the ingredients to have that sort of reaction. She should write down all of the ingredients and try to never, ever eat any more.
      My nephew has an allergy to soy protein, so she should be thankful if what triggers her is rare.

      1. 6 AM (next day) Report to registration desk at colonoscopy clinic.

        This could be better than chugging the gallon of Yallo Drank?*

        * Purple drank is a drug-culture term for a powdered-drink flavoring to chug down a dilute opiate in the form of cough medicine. Those of you over age 50 may know about Yallo Drank?

  2. Gas station hot dogs are the original superfood. Maybe I’ll write a blog post, touring local gas stations and rating their hot dogs.

  3. I’ve tried Soylent. It’s not bad, and I didn’t experience diarrhea. I stopped because it had too much carbohydrate in it.

    If they made a keto Soylent I’d reconsider.

    I don’t think sucralose causes diarrhea. Sugar alcohols, maybe.

    1. Sucralose can cause the trots, but the effect – on me, at least – is variable based on what it’s in. Most sugar-free candy uses sucralose these days. I can eat one or two pieces at a time, but the third piece might as well be Ex-Lax. Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi recently switched from aspartame to sucralose. No problem. I have no idea why that is so.

  4. The chocolate-flavored Soylent is more or less like chocolate Ensure, if you’ve ever tried that. Not at all unpleasant when chilled, though my son prefers it room-temp. He likes the coffee-flavored variety, and I countered with adding a teaspoon of instant coffee to the chocolate. I won. Even the regular (unflavored) isn’t bad, just bland.

  5. ken anthony: The name alone should be your final warning.

    You don’t appreciate ironically named products?

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