5 thoughts on “Stubbs The Cat”

  1. My wife and I took one of those flights to land on Denali back in 2002. It was spectacular. I (a private pilot) even got to ride shotgun in the ski-equipped Beaver that took us there. K2 Aviation, Talkeetna. Great outfit.

    1. Yes, Patricia rode shotgun on our flight. We lucked out. We’d thought about planning to do it, but it was $200 per seat. But in a gift shop in town, the owner was on the phone, and called out, “Would anyone like to land on a glacier for a hundred bucks?” They apparently had a couple seats to fill on a plane leaving within the hour. So we grabbed them.

  2. I think more cities should elect cats as mayors. Would certainly cut down on the amount of useless and expensive legislation.

    On another note, I love Alaska. Great people, amazing scenery. Spent a couple years working on the North Slope, lots of flights in & out of Anchorage, Spectacular views of the glaciers but never stepped on one up there.

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