6 thoughts on “Another Vector Launch”

  1. No guidance, no mass fraction, no staging.
    A Potemkin show rocket technologically indistinguishable from the Garvey rockets that have been launching for years…. where has all the $ raised by vector gone? Not into the rocket?

    Also suspiciously short cutoff on the video, did they recover it?

    1. They did. There’s a short interview with Garvey on the Vector Twitter page. He said it took approximately 45 minutes to find the rocket in the woods.

  2. Looks like CGI to me. Maybe an artifact of the video compression, but no visible exhaust plume seems unusual …

  3. “This is the first rocket launch out of Camden, Georgia in many decades.”

    Has there ever been a launch from Camden? The website (spaceportcamden.us/why.php) mentions Thiokol’s testing of large solids in the 60’s, but nothing about launches.

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