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  1. I was thinking something similar the other day. I like who I am (mostly) which AFAIK is 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Swedish, British, some French, and mongrel I’m sure.

    Should whites exists? (substitute any color you like.)

    Whites are certainly under attack in ways that would not be acceptable against anybody else (other than perhaps fat people?)

    Note that Charlottesville has had the same rally earlier (May?) without rioting. The speeches turn me off, but it’s not all crap. I hate racism and evil, but people are generally just confused and mislead.

    What was the difference then from now?

    1. The difference is Antifa.

      What is bad about Antifa is their smugness about their moral rectitude, their sense of entitlement to form gangs to hit people yet express outrage that anyone hits back, either individuals that they gang up on or other gangs.

      What is bad about Antifa is what is bad about the obnoxiously smug bumper stickers seen here in the People’s Republic. What is bad about Antifa is what is bad about the Climate Change self-righteous.

      What is bad about Antifa is what is bad about our own “Jim.” What is bad about Antifa is what is bad about Thomas Friedman, David Brooks along with so-called Conservatives and Libertarians who “virtue signal” by criticizing President Trump. What is bad about Antifa is Whole Foods shoppers and the whole ‘tude that goes with the Whole Foods shopping experience.

    2. “What was the difference then from now?”

      The left needed a new Narrative, because ‘Muh Russia!’ is collapsing.

      Of course, as with everything else the left do, it appears to have backfired on them. It’s given the alt-right a great excuse to purge the Nazis, and shown normal people the true face of the new left (which is just like the old left, but out in the open this time).

  2. Its funny but largely meaningless. There will just be something else to pop up and take its place. People have no problems coming up with ways of feeling superior over others. Just look at the sciency technocratic scene these days.

  3. Everyone that comments here knows that culture is inculcated not biological. Anyone can adopt any culture. But notice how the telescope protesters in Hawaii think only natives can be a part of their culture? Same with many of the ethnically segmented groups on the left.

    Do any of them feel superior? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. Superiority quickly falls down because very few people are superior. This is why white nationalists no longer consider themselves superior. They will just say, “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians,….” They will say they just want their own ethno-state for reasons other than superiority.

    This is the exact same type of thinking the SJW left is pushing these days. DNA tests don’t solve the problem because as the left has shown, One Drop means you can identify how you want. Sometimes even the feels is enough when there is no hereditary line.

    The real problems are identity politics, ethno-chauvinism, and people who identify as other than American. All are ideological, which require an ideological response.

  4. How about we don’t give them any attention what so ever? Nah, better to hype their rally and have the drama of fauxtrage.

    The simple fact is, if the communists didn’t attend the nazi rally, either last week or 8 decades ago, 300 million people would never know it occurred, and the statue would have been removed without further discussion. It wasn’t Trump that suggested it was a good news story that needed coverage.

    1. The media has no problem embargoing some things, like Democrat’s black shirts rioting. Any article that says “mostly peaceful” but doesn’t detail the violence or who caused it has an agenda. Just like any article that tries to conflate who was throwing bottles of urine in Boston today has an agenda.

  5. From the article:

    ” And if even a few neo-Nazis discover that their great-great-great-grandmothers were Jewish, it will all have been worth it, right?”

    So that is what this about? How do you know that Jews didn’t serve with the Confederacy? http://rense.com/general26/morethan10000.htm

    And will we take oral swabs from the Antifa ranks? And what is that supposed to establish or prove?

    That article is lame at best and noxious at its worst possible interpretation. Rand, I call upon you out of sense of decency to condemn it.

    1. “How do you know that Jews didn’t serve with the Confederacy?”
      Like these people would care about it. The actual historic Nazis had only limited concern about Jews who served in the German Army in WWI. Let alone those who did not serve.

      Also, partial Jewish parentage didn’t matter either, heck if Hitler declared you weren’t a Jew, then you weren’t one, period:

      Logic? Throw that out of the window with these people.

      1. The Serbs (bad people, don’tcha know) in the aftermath of WW-II tore up the grave markers of their Honorary Aryan neighbors (badder people yet).

        Employing Nazi and Klan and Confederate heraldry is not only offensive, it is incitement to blacks, Jews, Catholics and WW-II veterans and their Gold Star families. But the ensuing removal of Confederate monuments, especially those remembering vanquished prisoner-of-war dead isn’t so great either.

        1. But the ensuing removal of Confederate monuments, especially those remembering vanquished prisoner-of-war dead isn’t so great either.

          That is the stunning thing about this purge. The people doing the purging don’t even know what statues they are vandalizing. How can anyone take them serious that their outrage is a righteous fury comes from deep knowledge and thoughtful consideration when they don’t even know the story behind any given statue?

          1. You think the kids in the Chinese Cultural Revolution understood what they were doing?

            They don’t care. They get to shriek and smash stuff up. It’s all good fun for a leftist thug.

      2. If I remember correctly, the Nazis based their anti-semitic racial laws on the Democrats’ anti-black laws, but toned them down because they felt the Democrats had gone too far.

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