13 thoughts on “It’s Gaia’s Vengeance”

  1. I remember Gloria in 1985. My boss and I took his sailboat out right after with reefed sails and it flew over Tom’s river. The clouds above made me think of Dorothy going to Oz.

  2. It’s only right to punch back twice as hard. What a thoughtless bunch of fools they are. Gaia hates Trump so she made the hurricane miss his house? Priceless.

  3. Poor people typically live in unsafer areas because that’s where land is cheaper. Hardly surprising. Chiapas isn’t particularly wealthy either.

    Sure, there are rich people with beachfront properties and the like. But these people typically don’t live there all year long.

  4. So the forecasts for this hurricane first had it going up the east coast of Florida, then the west coast. Last night I saw that by this time it should be past Pensacola and in Alabama. So instead it went up the middle, and over coastal Georgia.

    Last month Neil Tyson (World’s Foremost Authority) made the preposterous claim that because astronomers figured out the motions of the solar system, their eclipse prediction proved that we should all believe the claims of the Climate Change Cult. Because it’s all science, or something. Yet here the weather modelers couldn’t get things straight as to what one particular storm was going to do during the next 48 hours, but we still need to impose Socialist economic policies because of what the Cult’s computer models tell us might happen late this century.

    1. Those hurricane models are the result of many years of hard work by serious computer and meteorological experts. They’ve studied hurricane movements based on real world data and refined their models based on new data as it becomes available. Despite all of this intellectual rigor, effort, and expense, the models have trouble pinpointing where any given hurricane will go more than a few days in advance.

      The climate models have none of this intellectual rigor. They aren’t validated against real world data. They aren’t even able to start from a known set of climatic conditions and predict the world’s current climatic conditions. There is virtually no comparison between the hurricane modeling software and the climate models when it comes to validity.

  5. Happy that Irma slowed down so much, but it did a number on the islands and South Florida. Thank God it wasn’t the monster it started out to be.

    1. It hit very few Democrat-controlled cities, where the powers-that-be are like the Yellowstone visitor in the (apocryphal?) story: “My government would never let anything bad happen to me.”

  6. I’m in metro Atlanta and just about the time I thought things were going to ramp up, the sustained-wind forecasts for my community are on the decline seemingly from one minute to the next.

    1. That’s how it was for Tampa–cat 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. And the track looked like it was hitting us from the west, then it ended up going east of here. Our nearly a century of no direct hits is over, but only just, since the eye missed us.

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