3 thoughts on “Bonobos”

  1. Before the 20th, or perhaps the 19th, Century, humanity looked towards idealized figures as a way to behave in a society. These myths, legends, religious figures and heroes exemplified the best in humans and offered ways of avoiding the worst in humans.

    Now we look to primates as our guides.

    You and me ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel.

    The Bloodhound Gang

  2. Do you remember the abrupt change when someone actually deciphered the Mayan writing? They went from Stone Age hippy sages toking peacefully while indulging in astronomy and math to… warlike practitioners in human sacrifice.
    Noble Savage?!? *Snort*

  3. Bonobos are hypersexual apes…
    That are egalitarian and peaceful thanks to that hypersexuality.

    Uhh, don’t they realize how problematic it is to call human women hypersexual? This description can either be pro or anti woman but good luck trying to pin down the conditions it is acceptable to make.

    There is a case to be made that while leftists are generally wrong about the bonobo, the outcome of their policies would lead to a bonobo like society. A society where women have to trade sex to protect their offspring and where might makes right is a way of life. They would of course deny this but they should ponder what destroying our society actually means. How long before the utopian communist society takes control of the anarchy? And of course contemplate the actual probability of utopia actually existing.

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