6 thoughts on “In Search Of A Library”

  1. If you’re searching for a REAL library, look for the tell-tale signs: smelly bums and noisy, under-disciplined kids

  2. That is a tough one because so many libraries are transitioning away from books and research materials like he has.

  3. Thinking more on this, since there are so many people who have this problem, maybe it would make sense to start a non-profit whose purpose is to preserve information about the space age.

    Since there are groups that would retain digitized resources and those that might store physical ones, the nonprofit could act as intermediary that could help digitize materials, find homes for digitized and physical records, and also create travelling exhibits. Exhibits could help generate funds to cover costs as well as educate.

  4. Linda Hall Library; Kansas City, Missouri

    About the Library

    The Linda Hall Library is the world’s foremost independent research library devoted to science, engineering, and technology.

  5. My suggestion would be International Space University. It’s where I intend to leave my Lunar Library, with a codicil that as soon as practicable, it will be transferred to a lunar research facility on the Moon.

  6. Question for people transferring their materials to a library: have you digitized (assuming your items are digitizable) the materials you wish to share?

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