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  1. Back in the libidinous ’70s, Robert Anton Wilson (of Illuminatus! trilogy fame) wrote a book about sex and drugs, wherein he tried to quantify as best he could the effects of recreational drugs on sexual experience. A pretty interesting book, even if the only recreational drug I’ve ever tried is alcohol. Anyway, he felt that marijuana was a libido enhancement among many people (and that cocaine, despite its reputation, was not). Not a scientific study but a reasonably level-headed take on the subject.

    1. Interesting. But did Wilson find that it enhanced the ability as well as the desire? In my one experience with weed I found that it did enhance my desire; although that could have been due to the fact that I was sharing the stash of a voluptuous sexy woman wearing a robe and little or nothing underneath. She was my girlfriend’s daughter, and the GF was right near-by, so I never got to see about the ability part.

      1. Yes, RAW found that for his test subjects (mostly he, his wife, and their friends and some of their friends’ friends), marijuana tended to increase libido – he discusses some situations where people who weren’t able to much enjoy sex did much better when stoned. Apparently one of the hallucinogens was even better though (don’t remember if it was psilocybin or mescaline, it’s been decades since I’ve read the book – it was interesting but irrelevant to me).

  2. Seems such an obvious confounding factor. People who are open to higher risk experiences tend to engage in higher risk behavior. Duh.

        1. My dear Bart, everything carries risk, getting out of bed in the morning carries risk, the question is are they, as you describe them “higher risk experiences”, personally I can think of several things I’m too chicken to do that I’m happy to describe as “higher risk”, activities like: base jumping, high altitude mountaineering and deep sea (below 20 m) diving. Sex and dope just don’t fit the bill in my mind of what qualifies as “higher risk experiences”, are they activities that you avoid due to your perception of the risks involved?

          1. For example, there are an estimated 110 million cases of sexually transmitted infection in the USA (population 323 million).

            Get tested, if only for the sake of anyone foolish enough to have sex with you.

          2. “…are they activities that you avoid due to your perception of the risks involved?”

            In my younger days, no. I came out OK, but there were some missed classes and bitter break-ups. I did suffer penalties.

            Would I change things? No. I’m glad to have had experiences that enhanced my perspective on life. Would I do them again? No. I am no longer in a phase in life in which I can indulge in high risk behavior with someone there to catch me if I fall.

            I do not do drugs, and have no plans to do them in the future – been there, done that. Any additional experience would not add to my knowledge base. I do not fool around – I’ve got a wife that is mentally compatible to whom I am devoted.

            I was once a volunteer at an inner city event where Jesse Jackson spoke. He is much different in his own milieu than the caricature that is presented to the public. I was very impressed.

            He admonished the youngsters at the event: “If you jump off a tall building, you will hit the ground, and die. If you engage in risky behavior, you will not escape the consequences. Sooner or later, you will hit the ground.”

            Wise words.

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