About That Federal Climate Report

It’s “the usual mix of half truths, exaggerations, omissions and outright lies.”

In other words, what we’ve come to expect from government climate reports.

[Tuesday-morning update]

Oops, Naomi Oreske caught with biased numbers on “Exxon knew.”

Gee, it’s almost as thought they have a political agenda.

4 thoughts on “About That Federal Climate Report”

  1. Fake science, fake news… corruption from top to bottom.

    Now ya know why I look to mars… stick a fork in the earth… it’s done.

    1. Where travelers go, government is soon there. You can’t escape from BIG GOV, you can only temporarily out pace it. As soon as you stop moving, they catch you.

      1. There is one escape from govt. It’s the only actual purpose of govt. It is to deny any other govt. jurisdiction. This is the opportunity mars represents and the OST actually provides the legal basis.

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