2 thoughts on ““Grossly Negligent””

  1. If this story is true, it brings up several points. First, Comey’s statement was circulating around for two months before Comey’s official announcement on July 5, 2016. They were still taking in depositions from people involved in the case (such as a employee who suggested Clinton should take a State Department Blackberry PDA – that deposition was made June 6, 2016).

    It also allows for Clinton to defend herself in advance of the accusations since the report would be seen by allies of hers on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    The decision to excise the accusation of crime is not sourced. It just appeared according to the story.

    And of course, former FBI Director Comey actually did at first use the legally relevant phrase “grossly negligent” which is an accusation of federal level felony. What changed over the course of those two months to justify the removal of that accusation?

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