3 thoughts on “Back In LA”

  1. If you mentioned it I can’t remember. Is there a reason you want a tablet and not a new laptop? How about a tablet-style laptop, like a Surface?)

    In the other thread, someone mentioned Chromebooks. There’s some pretty decent ones without getting ridiculous like the Pixel.

    1. I wanted something that I could use on a plane, and didn’t weigh much. At this point, I may look into Chromebooks. Except I hate Google. OTOH, the tablet is Google…

  2. You need something small with an integrated keyboard for typing. That ASUS Zenpad 10 looked like it had a detachable keyboard on their website. Did you get the keyboard attachment? Other than that you can try something like a Chromebook or a svelt laptop design like a Macbook Air. The thin laptop has a definite usability advantage over the hybrid tablet, in that the weight is in the base where the keyboard is, rather than where the screen is, providing for extra stability, and you can’t lose the screen easily.

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