Out Of Town

I was driving up to San Francisco yesterday, and today I’m at the Foresight Vision Weekend. There was a session on longevity (including cryonics) this morning, and now there’s a panel on blockchain and it’s potential applications. One of the panelists says that one app he’s woring is with a company that wants gas stations in space. I’ll have to talk to him later.

13 thoughts on “Out Of Town”

  1. So what do you think of Elon Musk’s plan to send his red Tesla to Mars on the first Falcon Heavy launch?

    The man has a certain style … 🙂 Can’t wait for the envirofreaks to complain.

      1. An elliptical orbit between Earth and Mars orbits … Would that make it a potentially hazardous roadster, with a chance of hitting Earth at some point in the future?

  2. I wonder if the space gas station company is somebody we’ve heard of. The first startup that comes to mind is Altius (Jon, was it you?!).

  3. The car thing was silly. 🙂 I expect they won’t do it, if only because of payload integration costs.

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