The FBI’s Obvious Bias

Yes, at a minimum, those texts have to be released to the public. There can be no question now that there is rot and corruption at the bureau (and I think it goes back to the nineties, with the Clintons). It may be that it is institutionally incapable of policing itself, and it’s the FBI itself (including Mueller) that needs an independent investigator.

But this should cause us to look back at the 90s scandals, in which the Clintons got away with so much, in a new light. I’ve been looking for the entire original Starr report on the Vince Foster “suicide” from an original source (i.e., a government web site) and cannot find it. All I see is this from the WaPo. Which (conveniently) doesn’t contain footnotes or appendices. Including the Knowlton appendix.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Well, well, well…Clinton aides went unpunished for making false statements to the FBI.

Punishment is for the little people, like Republican lieutenant generals.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Hugh Hewitt: Time for an independent investigation of the Justice Department and FBI.

It’s long overdue.


[Update a couple minutes later]

Aaaaaand, a Mueller deputy was Ben Rhodes personal attorney, and represented the Clinton (Crime Family) Foundation. But I’m sure he can be completely impartial in the investigation of Republicans.

[Update a while later]

And then there’s this.

[Update a while later]

Peter Strzok’s story will hurt the credibility of the federal government at the worst possible time. He’s like the Zelig of the whole thing. Everywhere you look, he’s there:was increasingly politicized under Mueller and Comey

Yes, it’s good that Mueller removed Strzok when he discovered the text messages. No, Strzok is not solely responsible for the conclusions reached in either investigation. But his mere presence hurts public confidence in the FBI, and it does so in a way that further illustrates a persistent and enduring national problem: America’s permanent bureaucracy is unacceptably partisan.

Unfortunately, it’s only unacceptable to one party. The other one thinks it’s exactly the way it should be.

[Update late morning]

The FBI was increasingly politicized under Mueller and Comey. You don’t say.

[Update a few minutes later]

The double-crossing FBI agent must be held accountable.

He’s no rogue; it’s not just him.

10 thoughts on “The FBI’s Obvious Bias”

  1. If you ever wonder where corruption is, just know that it is where ever it needs to be to protect its own. That protection includes all methods from least to most. Anything you suspect is in reality much worse.

    They must never be judged by the standards of decent folk, because they never were.


    Talk is still cheap. Pay attention as the wise and the foolish trade places (which includes the fool in chief, Rand.)

  2. “…I think it goes back to the nineties, with the Clintons…”

    I would propose that the FBI has been corrupt since its inception, as J. Edgar Hoover constantly violated the Constitution; the organization is so steeped in Hoover’s policies and procedures after nearly 50 years of his leadership that it should be burned to the ground.

    Any organization that has direct evidence of the horrible actions taken by Denny Hastert and decides that controlling him is more important than justice for his victims, there is no reason whatsoever for that organization to exist.

  3. Trump has been accused of impugning the integrity of the FBI via is tweets and statements. I say that’s impossible because one cannot impugn something that does not exist.

    Trump has been criticized, loudly and often, for his rants about the FBI, the Russia probe, and how Hillary was allowed to skate. Likewise, he was loudly called out about his preposterous claims that Trump Tower (his campaign HQ) was wiretapped.

    Trump is thus clearly a dangerous and unstable man, because, um… he’s basically been right all along.

    Seriously, how does what’s going on not constitute a coup d’état? And BTW, attempting a coup against the US government is levying war against the United States. There’s a word for that: Treason.

    I voted for Trump in the general with grave reservations. I still have plenty of reservations, but, given what’s going on, if I had the vote to do over I’d vote for him wholeheartedly.

  4. The investigation into Hillary’s various scandals were rigged just like the investigations into Obama’s scandals were rigged by a complicit FBI and DOJ.

    Did Hillary’s house get raided to seize her server? No, her lawyer got to delete emails and then destroy the server. The lawyer lied to the FBI but wasn’t she also given immunity to testify where she never testified anything? And wasn’t she also granted the ability to refuse talking about the illegal actions she participated in because she claimed lawyer/client confidentiality?

    At every turn the Obama administration destroyed evidence and the DOJ acted as a shield for them. In many ways this turned out to be quasi legal because the DOJ is not independent but controlled by the President.

    When Lois Lerner and others were not prosecuted it was because of proprietorial discretion, meaning that Obama told the DOJ not to. And Lerner wasn’t the only one.

    Now, the same people are saying Trump does not have these powers, that the DOJ is independent, and are in charge of investigating the Trump administration. The series of events that started under Obama and continues under Trump is the greatest scandal in modern American history that involves the DNC, the previous President and his administration, foreign powers, the unaccountable deep state, and a complicit media.

    History will not look kindly on this but then again, the true history might not exist in a future where the knowledge is forbidden and expunged from memory.

    1. the DOJ is independent

      I keep seeing people say this. People that want to be taken seriously. And I keep thinking about JFK, and who his AG was. I don’t take those people seriously.

      1. Are these the same people who think Nixon was impeached for firing the AG?

        The paleo-right kept telling us public education would be the death of the republic…

  5. Yes, it’s good that Mueller removed Strzok when he discovered the text messages.

    The problem is that he would not have been fired if those text messages didn’t come to light, meaning it wasn’t the bias that got him fired. It was the knowledge of the bias. He failed in Democrat’s preferred tradecraft tactic, carefully crafting lies.

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