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  1. Well, the media said the 2005 hurricane season was “the new normal” too — until 2006.

    Personally, I think people using that phrase are an excellent argument for launching our own B Ark.

  2. My ex-wife works for CA in the department that manages the state budget for wildfires. It would be news to her and she’s just a few years from retirement. She started there very over qualified as a regular accountant. We were still married back then and she told me a trained monkey could do her job. She’s still over qualified for the management level she’s at now, but she only has to suffer that a little longer.

    She never lets fires interfere with her vacation every year (when she visits her family in Sevastopol.) They always have many fires every year in CA.

    1. Yeah, its not the new normal, just the normal.

      They are trying this crap in WA too. The reality is that forest fires are natural, frequent, cyclical, and impacted by environmental policies that prevent effective land management. But since forest fires can never be stopped from starting, it allows dishonest people to always demand more taxation and punative regulations in areas that will have zero impact on forest fires.

      1. impacted by environmental policies that prevent effective land management

        I always remember a business trip to LA. Got to the hotel and turned on local news. Among the various stories was one about this Y in a highway that had become overgrown with grass. Motorists were complaining that they couldn’t see the merge at the Y. The fire marshal complained both about the increase in accidents and how the tall grass had become dry and was a fire hazard. But nothing was being done, because some environmental bureaucrat said the grass acted like a barrier capturing discarded waste and preventing the waste from travelling to watersheds were it might kill fish. It was pretty clear the criminally insane were running the LA asylum.

  3. In this, and previous fires in Cali, I was surprised to see that houses were crowded with vegetation. When you live in an area prone to wildfires, people have to use landscaping that inhibits your house catching on fire.

    I also wonder if they have good mitigation infrastructure in place, like fire hydrants.

    Blaming gullible warming is a good way to distract from poor public planning when it comes to education and infrastructure to deal with known dangers.

    1. Blaming gullible warming

      So I went on YouTube today to find out the latest on the fires. I figured there would be news clippings, and I wanted to see what was happening than just read about it as I usually would do. Amazing how many videos out there blaming the fire not on global warming, but on Lockheed Martin and Directed Energy Weapons. It was nearly 1 for 1, regular news videos and some video blaming LM. And they didn’t mean some accident during a test, but rather a planned attack by the NWO.

      1. I guess that isn’t surprising for YouTube. One day though, one of those conspiracy channels will be right about something.

    2. “I also wonder if they have good mitigation infrastructure in place, like fire hydrants.”

      Probably hard to keep the water mains full when you’re dumping half your water into the ocean to protect a bait fish.

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