The Nutrition Coalition

Nina Teichholz has started a new organization to restore sanity to government dietary guidelines.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg and I are reaching out to you to ask you to support a group called The Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit based in Washington, DC, which has the sole of aim of reforming the decades-old Dietary Guidelines for Americans so that they are evidence-based, i.e., based on rigorous clinical trial science.

That’s why we are asking for an Inaugural Gift, to help our fundraising launch: a tax-deductible gift of $5, $10, $50 or whatever you can afford. DONATE HERE.

We need your support to educate policy makers, influencers and the public about the problems with the guidelines, so that people suffering from obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among other nutrition-related diseases, get the sound nutritional advice that they need to become healthy.

The current guidelines have long been based upon weak science that has since been contradicted in large, government-funded clinical trials. Some of that original bad advice has been overturned: e.g., the caps on cholesterol were finally dropped in 2015.

These recommendations do not just lack a foundation in rigorous evidence. In some cases, they have been demonstrated to cause actual harm, particularly for those with metabolic diseases.
Will you make a tax-deductible gift of just $5 to reform the Guidelines?

Although you may think that no one relies on the government for their dietary advice, the reality is that the Guidelines are taught to/by nearly all healthcare practitioners—dieticians, nutritionists, doctors—working on the front line with patients. The Guidelines reach you, your family and your colleagues.

That’s why we need the Nutrition Coalition, and why our accomplishments are so important:

  • In 2015, we proposed to the U.S. Congress that it mandate the first-ever outside peer-review of the Guidelines, by the National Academy of Medicine. Congress not only passed this mandate but also allocated $1 million for the study.
  • That National Academy study came out just recently, with very strong language about how the Guidelines “lack scientific rigor” and fail to use a state-of the art systematic review methodology.
  • Congressman Andy Harris wrote an op-ed on the Academy report, with the headline: “Mandate is clear: Flawed dietary guidelines process must be reformed.”

Americans follow the Guidelines, but their health has not improved. The process of drafting the Guidelines needs reform — but we need your help to support the sustained campaign this effort will require.

If you would like to DONATE to our worthy cause, so that ALL people have the chance to be healthy again, please CLICK HERE to make your tax-deductible donation!!!

Check out our website, along with our extremely strong Board of Directors and Scientific Council. We are launching with a serious team, and we aim for real reform. If you would like to make a significant contribution or have questions, please contact our Executive Director, Christina Hartman, at

Seems like a very worthy cause.

7 thoughts on “The Nutrition Coalition”

  1. This seems like one of those things where humans are just perennially ignorant. Especially as they continue to reverse themselves… cue Woody Allen in sleeper.

    For example, I’ve got severe anemia. You’d think doctors would have figured out what to do about it in the last century, but no, there response is blood transfusion which has some significant downsides including harm to the immune system (and not an option for me due to my biblical understanding to abstain from blood.) Iron and vitamins have no results for me. How hard can it be to solve a problem that effects so many people?

    There are injections you can take to increase red blood cell production. I’ve taken them. For me it does nothing.

    There is artificial blood. Never tried that, but it doesn’t sound like much of a solution and few doctors have much experience with it.

    I’ve heard for years about how healthy we’d be if we just ate the right foods. These guys need to look in a mirror every once in a while. Some even going so far as to say we’d live forever if we just ate the right combination of foods… no mirror is going to help that guy.

    Plus, people are different, many in the world living healthy on diets I strongly suspect would kill me. I hate those guys that can wolf down 3 cheese burgers on regular meals and remain thin. Especially when I’m 3 times their size and can’t finish one (food often spoils in my fridge before I get to it.

      1. Acts 15:20

        I may not be much of a Christian, but I’ve concluded that wisdom can be followed even without understanding… although I prefer to understand everything (not possible) I’ve come to respect the bible as something more than the ranting of some men over 16 centuries.

        So I abstain from blood even at the risk of my life which was the case in 2015. I never wanted or expected to be in that position, but life happens. Perhaps I’m just a daredevil, or stupid, but I reserve the right to decide for myself and respect the decision of others regarding their own lives. When government denies our rights I see that as rape of the soul.

        I think of the last three months where I’ve only left my apartment once as practice for a mars mission. I wouldn’t mind if my body got the oxygen it needs to function. I’ve learned to be very patient and cautious when moving (not that I have much choice.) Although I can no longer type properly I still keep my mind active. When my oxygen saturation gets down to 65% even that is compromised.

        1. “Acts 15:20”

          Yes, I’just hadn’t heard before of anyone except Jehovah’s Witnesses who do that is all.

        2. Where are you on Leviticus 3:17?

          It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood.

    1. You’d think doctors would have figured out what to do about it in the last century, but no,

      Anemia is not just one thing, and biology is extremely complicated.

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