8 thoughts on “TaxCutMageddon”

  1. In regards Day One; we have some real numbers now. Obamacare was successful in getting more people insured. The result to US mortality rates? They increased. Ending the individual mandate looks like it may actually save lives.

  2. How many sane people does it take for a country to endure? How many insane can they manage? Their has to be a tipping point.

    This tax bill is so watered down from the campaign, but I’m guessing that will go unnoticed. What will be harder not to notice will be the economic growth that results. The winning 2020 campaign slogan has already worked before, “Are you better now than 4 years ago?” This is all Trump needed for four more years.

    1. I’d have gone a LOT further on tax reform, all the way to a tax code you could fit in your pocket if I could. But this is at least a step in the right direction and away from the socialist abyss.

      1. Exactly. While the squishes and the compromise-firsters are a pox on our politics, so too are the purists who would rather get nothing than accept less than everything.

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