The Steele Dossier

The Democrats are beating a hasty retreat from it:

Which brings us to a remarkable aspect of the op-ed: If Simpson and Fritsch have evidence of criminal or otherwise corrupt Trump-Russia contacts, why don’t they just tell us what it is. Why do they write a lengthy column caterwauling about how the Republican-controlled committees are supposedly withholding the information they’ve provided? We are not talking about classified information here; we are talking about Fusion’s own investigation. They say the Republicans refuse to release their testimony. Why wait for the Republicans? There’s nothing stopping Simpson and Fritsch from fully disclosing what their testimony was. Why don’t they tell the story instead of complaining about its not being told?

Could it be that the story is not what they purport it to be?

That would be the way to bet.

[Update a while later]

The FBI wasn’t worried about the tarmac meeting, they were worried about the whistleblower who refused to cover it up.

4 thoughts on “The Steele Dossier”

  1. If you don’t have the facts, pound the law. If you don’t have the law, pound the facts. If you don’t have the law or the facts, pound the table.

    Simpson and Fritsch are pounding the table.

  2. Concern that the improper tarmak meeting was known to the public, but no apparent concern about the existence of the meeting itself … How do we get that level of corruption?

    1. You would think that the self anointed priestly class of journolists who are obsessed with finding the truth, fighting corruption, and defending the American way of life would have an interests in the corrupt acts of an administration and their chosen heirs.

      Trump might abuse his power worse than Nixon and even though that hasn’t happened it must be the focus rather than a President and Presidential candidate that actually did abuse power worse than Nixon.

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