6 thoughts on “The Totalitarian Culture At Google”

  1. Nothing more comforting than a technocratic elite with no moral foundation to their identity other than marxist tropes and a belief in social justice that requires them to scapegoat and punish innocent people.

    They track you online and track you in meat space. They track you even if you don’t use their products. They can destroy businesses on a whim and the same with individuals.

    Personally, I think its great. Google is exercising their divine right and there is no one better to control other people. I am already planning my transition to become a yanomamo lesbian to get a better deal on Google adsense.

    1. Marxist tropes?

      Isn’t at least one of the founders Russian? I think we educate the people about Russians trying to tell Americans what to think and what ideals to uphold.

  2. Discovery in this case is going to be a bitch, unless, oops, Google Translate seems to have replaced all internal emails written in English with equivalents written in GoogleSpeak, where it is impossible to express thoughtcrime. Sorry California we can only provide you with our ++good DataWash transcripts with breezy rainbow freshness. A handy translation guide back into PaleoEnglish is available at our pay site https://www.google.com/soccrimminal

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