4 thoughts on “The Scourge Of Multi-Culturalism”

  1. But owing to many factors, including a loss of confidence in the rectitude and worthiness of what came to be regarded as a racist and imperialist civilization,

    It isn’t a loss of confidence. It is an intentional and systematic effort to destroy the foundation of western countries. Propagandizing the image of racism and imperialism is just a tactic of the larger strategy. But it is a core belief of the progressives.

    “He doesn’t think there is anything special about Canadian history or traditions. Instead, he suggests Canada is nothing but an intellectual construct

    The problem here is that while there is an intentional effort to legitimize the existence of western societies, it is also very hard for an insider to disassociate themselves enough to identify aspects of their own culture. This makes the natives ripe for indoctrination into critical theory.

    1. Well, it’s important that we not judge or condemn other cultures unless we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. The French student radicals picked that idea up from the defeated Nazis (without proper attribution) and schools have been teaching it ever since.

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