Susan Rice

Why she wrote an email to herself.

I continue to await Horowitz’s report. I suspect it will be a bombshell.

[Update a few minutes later]

The Trump and Clinton scandals are claiming a lot of bodies, at the Justice Department. I suspect that there will be some going down at Foggy Bottom, too.

[Update a few more minutes later]

Rice’s memo implies that Comey seriously misled the Senate about his meeting with Obama. In Comey’s rant about “liars and weasels,” he displays a serious lack of self awareness.

[Update a while later]

Carter Page, useful idiot.

I can’t recall in my life such a huge disparity between the media narrative and reality.

[Update after noon]

Last link was wrong, fixed now.

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  1. “In Comey’s rant about “liars and weasels,” he displays a serious lack of self awareness.”

    SJWs always project.

    Seriously, whenever the left accuses someone on the right of doing something, you can be pretty sure they’re doing it themselves. The left really do believe ‘we’re all the same under the skin,’ and everyone is as corrupt and perverted as they are.

  2. (Rand — sorry — the “Carter Page, useful idiot” link is the same one as in the “Taking Offense” post further up — I’m guessing that was not intentional — then again, maybe it was… ;-). )

  3. What exactly is the purpose behind spying on Page and Papadopoulos? The stuff leaked about them doesn’t support any Russian collusion, especially on DNC and Podesta emails. They were low level, so any incidental contacts with people high up in the campaign would have been few and far between. There wouldn’t be good intel on the Trump campaign’s operations. Was it just to create a narrative despite what the evidence says? The only thing I can think of is that the Obama administration used them as justification for spying on other people in the Trump campaign who were several degrees removed.

    The closest link to Russian collusion was Trump Jr meeting with the Russian lawyer. But then we found out he was meeting with the Democrat’s Russian agents, who were hired to write the Steele dossier, after Democrat’s Russian employees asked for the meeting.

    While having no discernible effect on the course, let alone the outcome, of the Cold War, such people have nevertheless been considered by the Russians to be of some utility.

    The author must not be familiar with what is taking place in the modern Democrat party and its roots in the KGB.

    1. I thought Joe Friday, but I guess that’s more “Just the facts, ma’am”; which would be nice from Susan Rice and the ethically challenged James Comey.

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