4 thoughts on “Earth Surface Temperatures”

  1. Fighting the good fight and sticking to your guns sometimes pays off. Anything that leads to less fudging of measurements including better instruments and careful siting of new stations, is a win.

  2. Now if we can get more Argo floats and dump the ship sea temperature intake readings. Has anyone actually *measured* for the possibility of bias in ship sea water temperature intake readings? What is the basis for trusting them?

    1. Note also, most ships travel well charted routes routinely and for very good reasons. Not exactly a true random sample of ocean surface water temperatures.

    2. It wasn’t so much the very coarse bias correction that was done on the ship intakes that was the problem as it was that, as they transitioned to more bouys, the bias correction was given more weight, which created a spurious trend in the data. In this way, they were able to keep the meme of increasing temperatures alive, even though temperatures stopped rising at the turn of the century, all the way to the recent monster El Nino, whose impact is only now receding so that we are back to the “pause”.

      They’re clever guys. They always “adjust” things in such a way that, on the surface, they appear justifiable. It’s always some subtle manipulation like this, that cannot be easily grasped at first glance, and it always has the effect of making the temperatures fit the narrative.

      They’ll say things like, oh well, we actually lowered the temperatures with this adjustment. Sometimes, that’s true. But, it always has the end effect of erasing the bumps and burbles and increasing the superficial correlation with rising CO2.

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