6 thoughts on “Vascular Health In Mice”

  1. Rand, would you care to share the brand name for the NAD+ supplements you take? How long have you been using them? Have you noticed any physiological changes?

  2. I’ve been getting them from Life Extension. But honestly, I’m too hit and miss with my supplements, particularly with all my recent travel, that I can’t say I notice anything. I take almost all supplements on faith (same with drinking coffee).

  3. Forty years ago someone told me if I eat the right combination of foods I would live forever. This guy was an idiot. The faith is generally unjustified even when it’s coming from doctors (I’m now past my expiration date and looking at long term care.)

    Separating the wheat from the chaff is almost impossible. Some things appear to work for some people and not for others. There are just too many variables.

  4. I’m not sure encouraging vascularization is necessarily a good thing. Cancer growth/spread can depend on vascularization of new tumors.

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