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  1. Perhaps the best measure of Pruitt’s success is how determined his enemies are too destroy him. The Climate Industrial Complex – aka the Green Blob – is a large, powerful, and vengeful beast and includes not just Democrats but also “Swamp” Republicans such as Chris Christie.

    The other day, Instapundit linked a tweet noting that the attack on Pruitt looks coordinated.

    Just a day or two before that, the media lost its mind over a banal PSA from a media company saying their goal was to be a trusted news source, like every other media company runs PSA’s on. But the Democrat media was upset over the coordination.

    Who in the media is looking behind the curtail of the coordinated attack against Pruitt? Media colluding with activists, government agencies, and politicians to achieve a common goal through underhanded tactics is certainly newsworthy. The DNC media always claims they are not corrupt and operate under the highest ethical standards.

    So where are all the investigative journalists doing stories on the journolists? Well, they are all in on it together so why would they? The real question is why are all the other media outfits that aren’t partners of the DNC exposing what is going on?

    1. I’m still amazed that certain media is losing its mind over Sinclair’s mission statement. Set aside the coordinated attack on Pruitt; where the hell is the outrage over CNN hiring Donna Brazile, who then gives Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance. That’s real collusion and corruption of the democratic process, and I bet no one in the media will say a thing when the Commission on Presidential Debates give CNN a debate to moderate in 2020.

      Let’s also remember that NBC hired Chelsea Clinton to provide news story at the rate of $26,725 for every minute on air. This wasn’t the end of democracy, or for that matter mentioned as White Privilege. But if two black women decide to support Trump on Facebook, they are banned without warning and are told they can’t appeal.

      I’m not worried about Scott Pruitt. Inside the Beltway, they are likely making a big fuss. In most of the US, nobody is noting a problem with Pruitt. The EPA is far better managed that the FBI or IRS. The best way to get rid of Pruitt is to get rid of the EPA entirely.

  2. Real, replicable science can be political too. The normative conclusions are part of scientific papers, not just the hypotheses and the test data.

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