3 thoughts on “Boeing Plans”

  1. Boeing is sure to be a competitor for a long time to come. When SLS eventually gets cancelled, Boeing will still be participating in a number of other areas. Maybe it was just the way the article was written but it looked like most of Boeing’s emphasis was on things other than SLS.

  2. The all-time record for delusion by a CEO of an American aerospace company will likely continue to be held, perhaps in perpetuity, by the late Howard Hughes. But Muilenburg seems determined to carve out a solid second place for himself in the rankings.

  3. I doubt I’m the first to notice, but the Boeing CST-100 Starliner bears a striking resemblance to the Boeing CEV proposal in response to the Bush Space Exploration Initiative.

    In fact, looking at that old Boeing proposal more closely, almost all the elements the Boeing plan required for Lunar surface missions (using LEO+EML-1 rendezvous architecture) are present or near present today! Including a LOX+L2 propellant lander (the New Shepard) and a 50,000+ kg payload class cargo launcher (Falcon Heavy). The main element still missing is a 50,000 kg mass EDL stage.

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