7 thoughts on “Back To Florida”

  1. I have found Charlotte to be THE worst hub I’ve had to fly through. I avoid it like the plague.

    1. I don’t have a lot of recent (i.e., since American bought USAir) experience with it, but last time I did it, it was no problem. Today was a really bad weather day on the east coast.

      1. I’ve gone through Charlotte quite a few times and never had any trouble (Other than arriving at the end of one concourse and departing at the end of another with only a 1 hour layover, grrr…).

        In my experience, the worst east coast hub is Newark.

  2. Steven Hayward provides another critique of Suicide of the West.

    Turn to page 316, and circle this sentence: “Indeed, as much as I hold Trump in contempt, I am still compelled to admit that, if my vote would have decided the election, I probably would have voted for him.”

    Aww Jonah, probably? How magnanimous of you.

    there is a conspicuous absence of references to Blazing Saddles. Which absence, as any East Coast Straussian will tell you, obviously means that he screens the thing every Saturday morning. As I’ve paraphrased to him many times, adopting his own self-description, “What’s a dazzling Upper West Side demi-Jew like you doing in a rustic setting like Washington DC?”

    Lately enjoying his somewhat elevated party invites I suspect.

    More idiotic fawning over the magisterialness of D. McCloskey follows, but still a good read.

    1. Lately enjoying his somewhat elevated party invites I suspect.

      I can’t imagine a scenario where these parties become fun.

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