4 thoughts on “Immigrant Children”

  1. I really don’t care that entertainer Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a vulgar and demeaning name.

    What I care deeply about, however, is that Ms. Bee is under the impression that it is Ms. Trump’s moral responsibility to exert her emotional influence as the President’s daughter to direct or change immigration policy.

    Forget about King Solomon — what would President Trump do? Actually, not much. President Trump’s ever-so-slight shift in immigration policy away from a “Come on down” free-for-all of storming the border, a change that has Ms. Bee so anxious, is not a personal conceit of the man. Rather, it is Mr. Trump responding to the concerns of substantial portions of the American people, concerns not taken seriously by Democrats and also not taken seriously by every other Republican apart from Donald Trump.

    Ms. Bee ought to direct her ire at the Deplorables among us who got Mr. Trump elected rather than at the President’s daughter. Go ahead Samantha Bee, stand up for what you think is right, call the people who voted for Trump whatever bad name you choose, and accept whatever consequences, favorable or adverse, to your entertainment career. But to even hint that it is the role of Ivanka Trump to steer the President away from the platform on which he was elected is both undemocratic and strongly sexist. It’s not about the vulgar name calling, it is about what you want Ivanka Trump to do that is so wrong.

    Further on the topic of child immigrants, did anyone here catch Frontline on the MS-13 gang members coming to our land that had earned President Trump’s name-calling? For Frontline, this episode was breathtaking in its Crimethink in explaining “what is going on in Suffolk County (Long Island), New York.” An interviewed social worker explaining that minors needed to flee a brutally violent culture in El Salvador, of which it is hinted ever so subtly is because U.S. Imperialism or some such cause for which the people of El Salvador lack agency, and that enormous “resources” are required to be devoted to these victims that they don’t end up reconstructing and reconstituting that violent culture in Suffolk County, which they are already busy doing.

    If this weren’t Frontline, I would swear the documentary was anti-immigrant-children propaganda from the Alt-Right? Again, did anyone see any of it, and was this Frontline doing this?

    1. Rather, it is Mr. Trump responding to the concerns of substantial portions of the American people…

      Not to mention the letter of the law, and the federal government’s explicit responsibility to defend U.S. sovereignty.

  2. It’s not a question of immigrant children, it’s a question of illegal immigrant children, and the solution is simple. They, and their parents, should be sent home. Problem solved.

  3. I’m getting old and a little tired of listening to both sides make the same arguments and the politicians pontificate to their respective drum and nothing changes. Why, because it is a advantageous soapbox for each side to stand on. The answer to the problem lies in the countries these refugees are coming from. If my uncle called me and said he was making 200 times more than me shoveling horse S#it I would be making my way north too. Until there is real stability and rule of law (as in representative republic not pure democracy) this will be a never-ending story. Most of the people south of the Mexican border have little or no opportunities, but their governments like the status quo. Their paychecks are never in doubt.

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