Remembering Bobby Kennedy

I remember waking up on a school day to hear that he’d been shot out in California. That was a rough couple months, between it and the earlier MLK assassination. Fifty years on, a useful reminder that much of the history has been rewritten, and that both he and JFK were highly overrated. Teddy was scum, but apparently some Americans have need for royalty.

More thoughts from Ed Driscoll.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Bobby Kennedy”

  1. I remember …”the eyes.” He always seemed to have that psycho Jesse James look to his eyes. YMMV, but he creeped me out on an instinctual level.
    Then there was the whole “Kennedy Camelot Dynasty” thing…

  2. As we said back then, “Remember, in November, to vote for the Kennedy of your choice.”

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