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  1. The Marines have their long-held slogan “The Few, The Proud” — even those of us ignorant of most military affairs instantly know who a “The Few, The Proud” bumper sticker is referring to.

    The Army, bless them, had their “Army of One” slogan that, I guess, fizzled. I know what they wanted it to mean, that each soldier embodies all of the martial virtues of the United States Army, but that slogan, let’s just say the taunts and jokes just write themselves.

    Their new slogan is “there is strong and then there is Army Strong”, not as deeply resonant with “The Few, the Proud”, but at least it is a start.

    Now that I have established some context, the slogan should be “there is bright and then there is Faculty Senate Bright — Democratic-Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to represent you in Congress is Faculty Senate Bright.”

    1. “there is strong and then there is Army Strong”

      …which is still a dumb slogan because the Marine physical fitness requirements are higher.

    2. “Student Government Strong, Student Government Smart, Ready for Reality — Alexandria. Ocasio. Cortez!”
      If you have ever heard the type of resolutions passed by college student administrations you would know this isn’t a compliment.

  2. She’s the best thing to happen to Republicans all year.

    I recall similar elation among Republicans in 2008 when Obama became the Democratic front runner.

    That didn’t work out so well.

      1. That was then.

        What’s changed?

        Putting the shoe on the other foot, I recall Democratic friends and acquaintances in 1980 mockingly plead “Please nominate Reagan!”, thinking him unelectable. And of course the nomination of Trump was considered the death knell of the Republican party.

        Political punchlines have a peculiar habit of being elected, on both ends of the political spectrum.

        1. A president who (unlike McCain, who ran a terrible campaign) is willing to go for the jugular, against both the media and the hard-left Democrats (but I repeat myself). And she’s not running for president, and isn’t even eligible to do so for seven years.

        2. What’s changed?

          Democrats have come out of the closet in their support of authoritarian marxism. Maybe that Obama guy was right when he said Obama was a decade or two too early.

          You are right that people shouldn’t be so dismissive. That the marxists feel free to enter the light without fear means that they have a lot of support and that traditional marxist appeals still fool people.

  3. Based on recent statements, Ocasio-Cortez’s grasp of geopolitics is about on a level with her grasp of economics. Definitely presidential material.

  4. In general terms, there seems to be three basic types of people who advocate socialism.

    1. Those who are true believers in socialism. They’re the ones Stalin described as “useful idiots.” They make good, idealist foot soldiers for the revolution but often end up being eliminated afterwards when the sociopaths and psychopaths like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. seize power.

    2. Those who think they’ll be the anointed ones running things. Most of them are wrong. Many of them end up suffering the same fate and the true believers.

    3. The lazy who don’t want to work hard and want free stuff. They want to punish anyone who has anything more than they do by having the government steal it.

    “Following Reunification in 1975, Vietnam was a socialist country. Do you know what socialism is? It’s where if I work hard and you don’t, we both get the same thing. Several years ago, the government changed the rules. Now, if you work hard, you can prosper. Things are much better now.”
    – Tour guide in Vietnam, 2011

    1. 1. Those who are true believers in socialism. They’re the ones Stalin described as “useful idiots.” They make good, idealist foot soldiers for the revolution but often end up being eliminated afterwards

      According to Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, that is the first group eliminated. Yuri also spoke a lot about Soviet infiltration of academia and Democrat activist groups. Maybe Mueller should watch some of his interviews.

    2. I could be wrong, but I believe the “useful idiots” phrase is usually attributed to Lenin.

  5. People talk about her voter appeal because of her so-called looks, but I have a different view. My guess is, she reminds many male voters of the girl they most regret ever having dated, and many women voters of the girl who slept with their boyfriend. That’s in the same vein as I’ve talked about other politicians: Ted Cruz (looks and sounds like Pat Buttram), Marco Rubio (looks and sounds like Ricky Ricardo), or Bernie Sanders (reminds you of that college roommate who just.would.not.shut.up!). Then there’s Trump, who reminds you of the fat business rival who utterly humiliated your abusive boss.

  6. A democrat candidate and her campaign volunteers trying to occupy an airport would be popcorn worthy.

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