7 thoughts on “Very Rich Countries”

  1. Well, how could US have become a richer nation then it is.
    I could say start mining oil off shore and mining oil in Alaska sooner.
    But would it not have had government waste the wealth faster, than it did?

    So all I can think of, is US should have explored the Moon and then explored Mars.
    If we had commercial lunar water mining on the Moon, the US would be richer and so would the rest of the world.
    Not sure could have already have Mars settlements, but if so, much richer.

  2. Hayes’s dress, hairstyle and speech make him seem like a more effeminate version of Rachel Maddow. I wonder whether this was intentional.

    1. There’s a video on YouTube of Ocasio-Cortez doing her obsessed-girlfriend crazy eyes thing , with various humorous captions. My favorite is, “Have you accepted the State as your Lord and Savior?”

  3. I used to play basketball with Chris Hayes of MSNBC. He’s a very good player


    A relatively rich nation became a relatively poor nation. Why? Because it adopted the statist policies favored by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    This is acceptable to the people who support these policies. To them it means the redistribution and policies to restrict the entrepreneur class were effective. Of course the per capita GDP would be lower because the people at the top were skewing the results. A person could reply that redistributing a fixed number of pies shouldn’t result in the reduction of total pies but that is really just the thing that a collaborator of western imperialism would say on their way to summer camp.

  4. Keep your eye on Australia. I used to think Argentina was going to be our end state but Venezuela now seems possible.
    Lunatic green policies are destroying our coal based cheap electrical power grid and replacing with solar and wind which don’t work.
    Add in the rest of the mindless regulation, SJW talking points, importing hordes of middle eastern and African savages and here we go. That’s from the Conservative Party BTW.

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