The Out-Of-Control Judiciary

“John Bates has made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

Ignoring the absurdity of the overreach of yet another single district judge making a decision for the entire country, the administration needed no other reason than that DACA itself was an unconstitutional and illegal executive order. And as Mike points out, the three branches are not in fact co-equal. Ultimately, it is up to Congress.

9 thoughts on “The Out-Of-Control Judiciary”

    1. It’s an Andrew Jackson reference. The Crow was also making a reference to Jackson, but the writer changed it to “Now let’s see you enforce it.”

  1. First: Hillary had no intent, therefore couldn’t have violated a law that didn’t require proof of intent.

    Now: Trump can’t rescind an Executive Order without rationale approved by an unelected Judge.

    There are 2 Americas, and one of the two is heading for a correction.

  2. Then: a restaurant is a public accommodation that must be serve everyone.
    Now: Republicans will never eat in this town again!

  3. West Virginia!!! Impeaching the 4 remaining State Supreme Court justices they couldn’t convince to just resign due to corruption.

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