The Unmasking Probe

Sharon Atkisson asks what ever happened to it?

I’d like to think that Sessions is doing more than appears, and perhaps there will be an October surprise.

[Monday update]

As noted in comments, Strzok was (finally) fired today.


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  1. I’d like to think that Sessions is doing more than appears, and perhaps there will be an October surprise.

    I wouldn’t count on it and any revelation of the Obama administration’s corruption will cause such cognitive dissonance that it wont be believed. The DNC media has staked their reputation and reason for existence on defending what the Obama administration did, it is unlikely they will flip a 180 and tell the public what happened.

    1. If there are significant indictments against swamp creatures in the next 2 1/2 months, count of the major media to lie about the circumstances. They won’t be able to pretend indictments and arrests didn’t happen.

      1. They will just say it is Trump obstructing justice to protect himself from being investigated for his collusion with Russia. There isn’t a way to clear the air and that is exactly why the Obama administration did this. No matter what the conspiracy theory will live on for decades to come.

        This is why if Mueller can’t find Russian collusion, he also wont clear the President but leave the accusation hanging.

  2. Speaking of AG Sessions, the president’s continual public beratement of the man in the hope that he resigns, all the while having full power and authority to fire him, makes Trump look weak and powerless. He needs to grow a spine and put up or shut up.

    Why would he intentionally create a situation where the AG is able to thumb his nose at the president just by continuing to silently do his job?

  3. “I’d like to think that Sessions is doing more than appears, and perhaps there will be an October surprise.”

    I’d like to think that too. And it would be the logical thing to do.

    But I’ve been disappointed so many ties by the GOP not doing the simple, easy logical thing that goes in for the political kill that I’m not getting my hopes up.

  4. I’ve already commented on this elsewhere. Trump has no issues firing anybody he’s not happy with, as he has demonstrated many times, in business, show business and as President. Unless he somewhow feels handcuffed by the Russia folly, which appears unlikely to me, then Sessions is doing exactly what the President wants and all the criticism is just a smokescreen.

    1. Sessions seems to be busy rolling up pedo and human-trafficking networks around the world.

      While it’s possible that Sessions is just another swamp creature, Trump has spent decades around these people and knows them well. If even a fraction of the stories about their perverse practices are true–and Trump surely knows if they are–Sessions is probably going exactly the right way to take down the swamp en masse, rather than one slime-ball at a time.

      1. Try to shoot one swamp creature at a time, all his buddies pounce while your focus is distracted. And got to line up your shot really precise or it bounces off their hide.

        But if a single shot can be lined up to take out all the big and important swamp creatures at once, victory.

  5. The commenters over there weren’t to keen on her claim that she was hacked by the Obama administration and are oblivious to the fact that the IG is investigating the unmasking. But why would they think otherwise when the DNC media doesn’t cover Obama scandals?

  6. Given the new info that Strzok has been fired (and high time too),
    one could be forgiven if this is the tart of a series of events that split the Dem corruption wide open.

    …But I’m not holding my breath,

    1. I’m not too sure the connection between the unmasking probe and Strzok, but I suspect it is the general corruption of the US intelligence service into the Democrats partisan tool for looking the other way when they committed clear crimes while also harassing their political opponents, which Strzok was clearly a cheerfully willing participant.

        1. I don’t disagree. So let’s look at this: “New Mexico Jihadis Can Leave Jail Until Child Abuse Trial, Judge Rules”

          So these are the muslims allegedly found with 11 children in the New Mexico desert training them to commit school shootings. Thanks to the rot of our judicial system, I think the judge has a point in not just accepting the prosecution that these guys are a danger. That said, this looks a lot like activism of the sanctuary kind.

          The judge claims the state couldn’t explain the plan the muslim men had. That is, she found no compelling evidence to support the notion that these men were planning a school shooting anytime soon, as suggested by the state. I get that.

          What I want to know is, who were these 11 malnourished children? Were they the children of these 2 men? There was one child buried at the scene, who was around age 4, and apparently was a son. The child had been reported missing 10 months ago. Hey judge, what about the threat these men posed to these children? Isn’t that compelling?

          And here’s the thing, this is a very interesting story; yet most coverage is from the Daily Caller? This should be big news, and the question I posed should be interesting to reporters everywhere. But no interest.

          This is very rotten.

          1. Well, the New Mexico case just got worse. The compound where the dead child was buried and the adults were arrested has been bulldozed. Doubtful the judge will consider this a failure to meet the conditions of bail, but then, the first step is hoping the GPS monitors can find the perps.

      1. Well, there are emails saying that Obama wants to be kept up to date on everything and holding meetings where he instructs people to do everything “by the book”.

  7. ” If people were being fired merely for hating Trump, probably most of the federal workforce would be out the door.”

    Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  8. Clinton should have been impeached for selling missile technology to the Chinese Communists in exchange for illegal campaign contributions.

    If convicted, he should have been executed for treason. It’s about an egregious case as can be imagined.

    The Republicans in Congress didn’t want to go there, so they made it about a stupid sex scandal instead.

    I was saying all of this back in the 1990s.

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