He’s whining about SpaceX’s prices. Maybe he should get a trampoline.

And this is amusing:

Due to its geography, Russia is largely unable to make Falcon-style reusable boosters that would make vertical powered descent to a movable platform at sea, and so it has to follow an alternate path sticking to horizontal landings or relying on parachutes, he said.

Yes, because they couldn’t possibly land vertically down range, where they currently dump their expended first stages.

7 thoughts on “Rogozin”

  1. Wasn’t there talk at some point of SpaceX launching from Texas and recovering first stages in Florida?

  2. Why not land them downrange? They can build a fake barge in a fake ocean for Dimitri. Are the afraid the Uzbeks will swipe the landing gear before they can get to the landing zone.

    I am sure Elon would much rather recover all of his stages on nice, stable dry land if he could.

    What a stupid statement from the Russians.

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