Florida Weather

Almost exactly a year ago, we flew to Florida to start to prep a house to sell. Instead, we had to prep it for a major hurricane. Fortunately (for us, not the west coast of the state), Irma’s track shifted to the west, and we didn’t get the brunt of it. A year later, we’re here again, this time in the last throes of renovation. But now Gordon just formed in the Keys, and we’re getting a washout here today in Palm Beach County, so no progress on the house today. Our major goal for the day is managing to get down to Plantation for dinner with Bob and Lou Poole (as in the Reason Foundation). Fortunately, things should be calming down by then for southeast Florida, and the storm will be moving off into the Gulf, where it may threaten the northern Gulf Coast.

2 thoughts on “Florida Weather”

  1. Also a year ago, it started raining in Houston and continued to rain throughout the Labor Day weekend (and more). This year, it’s rain all through the weekend again with flooding in Galveston.

  2. Broadly related: I have a friend, a former Floridian, who claimed that the local Chamber of Commerce would exert pressure on weather forecasters in the Miami area to make the weather sound more pleasant than it actually was. I often think of this because I’m living in Atlanta, the Boosterism capital of the Southeast, and I wonder if the same thing goes on here. In the winter (and winters I Atlanta are nowhere near as mild as non-Atlantans might assume), the temperatures are always “below average,” while in summer, the temperatures are always “above average.” Makes me wonder when that Golden Age of Average Temperatures took place.

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