8 thoughts on “The Secret Documents”

  1. Why would he not do this? For that matter, why hasn’t he already?

    It would be worth it just to see the frantic media cover-up, spin, trolling, etc. – no matter what the documents actually reveal.

    1. Democrats would say that it is obstruction of justice.

      It is useful to remember though, that when the media says Trump is speaking without evidence, that he has access to all of the raw process material from the different government agencies.

      1. This. Trump could legally open these documents at any time. Politically it’s a lot cleaner if Congress asks him to do so.

  2. The media will be too busy helping Democrats blame Trump for the hurricane to pay any heed.

    Seriously though, IMHO the timing for a release like this isn’t right. It’d be worth it to hold off until after the storm.

  3. I’m hoping he does declassify them and right away. Storm or no storm.

    My suspicion is that some of the redactions will clearly show that they were not redacted for national security reasons but to CYA. Even that is helpful.

    I’d like the Russian narrative blown to bits before the election, then ended. If people broke the law I want them tried in court. No more of this two-layer law stuff. Democrat party humiliation would be a nice icing on the cake.

  4. I’d like the Russian narrative blown to bits before the election, then ended.

    It can’t really be done away with until Mueller is done. Partly because of optics and partly because Democrats and Mueller will claim obstruction of justice. A just end would mean holding the Obama administration accountable but too many are/were on the Muller team.

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