8 thoughts on “When A Foreign Power Meddled In A Election”

  1. Apparently, young Hogg wants Moore foreign election meddling. There does seem clear evidence that the UK and Russia colluded with the Clinton campaign to create opposition research against Trump. I wonder when someone will look into it.

  2. “Meddling” is only bad when we, as in the person speaking, says that it is “bad”. Remember when Putin was having an election and there was (quote) “Outreach to labor and democracy groups in Russia” (un-quote) by US private groups and Congressional staffers? Or the Obama Administration’s meddling in the Netanyahu’s Election…?

    Criminalizing something that has been happening every since the first foreign diplomacy…

    1. I wondered then and still wonder now how much of Russia’s “info-war op’s” are ongoing actions that they are continuing from the Stalinist Days because of sheer bureaucratic inertia (well, and the fact that they just don’t “like” us)? And, alternatively, how many are the result of Putin and his immediate followers wanting to respond to what they perceive as our “Influence Ops” on their national soil?

      1. The USSR’s meddling in academia has had a profound affect on what we are seeing play out today. Yuri breaks it all down. The entire Democrat party is essentially a successful intelligence op.

        Their current stuff seems to be helping to fund and organize Democrat activist groups and making funny memes that non-Democrats laugh at on Twitter and FB.

        The problem for the Russians, is that people on the right don’t typically do direct action protests, so they are limited to running ads or doing meme campaigns. Most people ignore adds and the number of people on Twitter is very small. The impact is minimal. But you know who is all over Twitter? Government workers, media, celebrities, ect. These groups are far more susceptible than the average voter to manipulation.

      1. Its amazing that the media still isn’t critical of his role helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt. Trump should tweet about that the next time Obama runs his mouth about foreign relations.

  3. It isn’t that the Russians consider us a rival — it’s that they want the world to believe they can be our rival.

    The Chinese laugh quietly up their Mandarin sleeves.

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