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  1. It’s surprising, given how “forward thinking” that crowd likes to see itself, how much nostalgia seems to be an important part of the contemporary “liberal” mind-set. (And by “liberal” I mean of course “tax-happy, coercion-addicted, power-tripping government humper and State-shtupper.”) I first became aware of this during the McGovern campaign’s use of the slogan “Come home, America!” I was friendly with one of the hippies in the McGovern movement, and he claimed he came up with the slogan. I asked him, “Come home–to what?” His thesis was that there was a very brief time when the US could have been a really great country, and when I questioned him on the specifics of that Golden Age he was vague and noncommittal, but from what I gathered this Golden Age lasted for about fifteen minutes in the Early Republic.

  2. “… their reactionary attempts to return to the past.”

    The same could be said of Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, and I am quite pleased with the results there.

  3. Which way the crisis will develop is suggested by the institutional strength of the progressive paradigm. It will try to stay unchanged and is so powerful that suppression and coexistence are likely to be more likely than the acceptance of error as a response to dissidence. Suppression is already in evidence.

    I was watching the leaked Google corporate indoctrination presentation and was struck by how people really do live in different realities (paradigms). It shows just how effective the racial/class stereotypes, otherization, and dehumanization of the Democrat’s identity politics has been. What the Google executives and progressives in general frame as their adversaries in no way represents what their adversaries actually think or believe.

    How are we supposed to change someone’s view of reality itself? When someone’s entire view of reality is based on the identity politics of cultural marxism, getting them to change their views means literally destroying their entire concept of self and reality. How do they deprogram cultists and how do we do this society wide?

    It was funny to see the portrayal of Google as reluctantly caving to demands of the communist party in China while also talking about the crowd scouring of censorship and totalitarian suppression of the out group. Google wasn’t reluctant and they would gladly do the same thing in the USA because they are not opposed marxism. They are the technocrat wing of marxism.

    Also, the totalitarian crowd isn’t really the crowd. It is the Democrat party. These efforts are driven by the Democrat party through their activists and through indoctrination that demands it. Many corporations freely participate in this totalitarian marxist mindset.

    What we are seeing is fascism but because, at least for now, we have a two party system where power changes hands the reigns of government are not controlled by the fascists. We are witnessing how fascists act when they don’t have control over all the government. We saw how they acted when they did have control under Obama and should the next President be a Democrat, we will see it again and who knows whether or not our republic, culture, or economic system will survive the experience.

    1. “How are we supposed to change someone’s view of reality itself? ”

      Check Scott Adams’ (Dilbert) blog. He frequently suggests approaches to this.

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