4 thoughts on ““The First””

  1. Does anyone watch Hulu?

    I dislike Sean Penn too but I might have to check this one out despite the review. Most sci fi sucks compared to the rest of movies/shows but certain people are willing to overlook it out of sentimentality.

  2. Penn has 66 movie credits (and a number uncredited), but the only ones in which I really liked his acting were: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Thin Red Line, and Mystic River, the latter being his best professional performance, IMHO. The trailer actually looked interesting, though. Too bad I don’t have Hulu.

    1. I have Hulu and find enough content to make it worth it’s cost, for now. But regardless you can sign up for a free weeks trial which should be enough to watch a limited series like “The First”.

  3. I’m 5/8 of the way through it and am engaged enough to see it through. The setup, involving the astronauts boarding the rocket and going through the countdown, while various people in various places look on, was staggering — I realized that while I didn’t yet know a single goddam thing about any of the people on or off the crew, I still found it incredibly moving.

    In the episodes that follow, we do learn a lot about the various trials and tribulations that afflict the different players, and after the fifth episode my wife said, “You know, I kind of want more Mars stuff.” If there’s not a solid SF payoff in the next three hours, I will feel pretty cheated, but so far I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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