22 thoughts on “The Battle Of Brett Kavanaugh”

      1. And as Chris Plante noted in his radio program today, “Senator Ted Kennedy has one confirmed kill in the war on women.”

      2. Eric Clanton beat at least seven people over the head with a bike lock without warning or provocation.

        While Googling his name just now I see that the cops dropped all but one misdemeanor battery charge against him and he agreed to a plea deal of 3 years of probation.

        1. The prosecutor and judge in that case should rightly be prosecuted as accessories after the fact in multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

    1. Republican politicians have been the victims of shootings, attempted stabbings, vehicular assaults, and “direct action” mobs. Speakers have been victims of various forms of assault. But regular people have been victimized by politicians and police forces working with the Democrat’s militant activists. How many civilians have been hospitalized, assaulted, or had their business or property destroyed?

      No one knows because the media doesn’t cover when the Democrat lynch mob goes after the common folk. The just barely mention when some of the most powerful people in the country survive assassination attempts. Notice how Scalise is the only victim they mention?

      The media can’t cover it because if the average American knew what was happening the Democrat party would implode. It would even cause many Democrats to question the nature of reality. It isn’t like being able to admit you are wrong about something but that their very concept of what reality is would crumble.

  1. No. Next question.
    When you are a True Believer™ this a setback only. Also there is a question in how romanticized the 1968 Riots are seen by certain elements: not as acts of wanton violence but a Viva la revolución !! that failed.

  2. “‘Kavanaugh Doesn’t Have The Right Temperament!’ Screams Protester Lobbing Grenade Outside Supreme Court.”–satiric headline from the Babylon Bee, quoted in today’s Instapundit.

  3. Compared to the activities of the radical left during the Vietnam war this is all baby stuff.

    I’m not sure we’ll reach 1969 levels of violence as then the violence we driven from the bottom up, while today the violence is driven from the establishment top down. The far left establishment will not want things to get so unstable that their cozy positions are threatened.

      1. @ Wodun: Interesting, isn’t it? I was in college during the riots and watched mobs taking over buildings and parades of protestors marching through buildings smashing the windows and razor blading the lecture hall seats. That’s not to mention going to conservative professor’s homes and banging on the walls. Where’s the movies and TV shows that document the mobs in operation? It’s been erased, but is now being brought back as the perpetrators are now the leaders and instigators in a new 1968.

  4. I think they’re perfectly capable of getting more vicious.

    They are but part of the problem here is that Democrats and Democrats in the media are not really aware of what has been taking place already. This is why people on the right are all, “More vicious than X, Y, Z?”

    Democrats and the media respond, “What are you talking about?” Because they have not been informed about what is already taking place. A normal person who was knowledgeable about the wide scale physical violence, corporate and institutional abuses of power would not be advocating for escalation because what follows would irreparably damage our society.

    Democrats are playing a dangerous game but they just may get that socialist revolution they have been dreaming about for decades.

  5. In related news, I am surprised to see both Senator Graham and Senator Grassley go on record they they will not consider a Supreme Court nomination in 2020 should an opening appear, and I am skeptical that they would keep their word. Senator McConnell’s “We’ll see if there is a vacancy in 2020. … You have to go back to 1880 to find the last time a Senate controlled by a party different from the president filled a vacancy on the Supreme Court that was created in the middle of a presidential election year.” seems more honest.

  6. In the short term I expect the resistance to strengthen because there’s an election in one month.

    Hillary helpfully reminded the Right that the Left is, taken as a group, insane with her “no civility until we are back in power”. Pretty close to as huge a mistake as her famous “Deplorables” comment.

    If the Left gets clobbered next month some cooler heads on the left might just pull back and re-assess. Whether they can pull the Dem party from the brink of utter destruction remains to be seen.

    In the long term the Socialist, neo-Marxist left never gives up – not even after hundreds of millions dead.

    1. If the Left gets clobbered next month some cooler heads on the left might just pull back and re-assess.

      Every time a cooler head has appeared they have been either beaten into submission or beaten out of the party. Marxism is ascending in the Democrat party and the Marxist wing has long dreamed of a glorious revolution. The people who want a revolution are not turned off by what the Democrat party is doing, they are turned on by it.

      Even people who are not outright Marxists are being dragged along through the social justice trope which is in part about creating a moral obligation that unites but also creating a moral obligation to punish. You hear the chant, “No justice. No Peace.” This is true because justice is about punishing those who have done wrong. Who has done wrong?

      It is in/out group dynamics and it literally doesn’t matter what the out group actually believes about anything. For the Democrats, the avatar of their out group is a fabrication but it is applied to real human beings regardless of whether or not that avatar applies to them in any objective way. The Democrat’s out group avatar is responsible for racism, bigotry, inequality, raping women, homophobia, the death of the planet, mass slaughter of animals, clouds in the sky, and whatever ills they can come up with real or imagined but not just ones that exist today but tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years ago.

      All of these sins are assigned to the avatar and in order for things to be set right in the universe, the avatar must be punished. This is what Social Justice is and it isn’t losing power in the Democrat party but gaining power. Things are only going to get worse. How long it takes before this fever recedes and under what conditions who can predict? I think we have decades to go though.

    2. “If the Left gets clobbered next month some cooler heads on the left might just pull back and re-assess. ”

      No, SJWs always double-down. They’ll burn down Portland and start openly shooting at anyone in California with a MAGA hat.

      I mean, we’re talking about the left here. They think nothing of murdering tens of millions of people who disagree with them.

      In fact, many of them find mass murder fun.

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